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The Implementation of Children Friendly City in DKI Jakarta through Assesesment of Children Friendly Integrated Public Space

Author(s): Dhea Andriani, Indarti Komala Dewi, Janthy T Hidayat

Language: English

The government of DKI Jakarta province is attempting to build public space to change the city face by means of constructing Children Friendly Public Space (thereafter called RPTRA) as the attempt of supporting Jakarta to be Child-Friendly City. In realizing a Child-Friendly City in DKI Jakarta it is supported by several governor regulations governing RPTRA standardization, RPTRA Management Guidelines, and the DKI Jakarta government also makes Jakarta grand design towards a Child-Friendly City. According to the Governor Regulation Number 196 of 2015, Child Friendly Integrated Public Space is an open place or space that combines community activities and activities by implementing 10 (ten) family empowerment and welfare programs to integrate with child-friendly city program. This RPTRA is part of a child-worthy infrastructure to achieve the fulfillment of one of the 24 child-worthy city indicators set by the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Regulation Number 12 of 2011 concerning District/City eligible for children Indicators. The government of DKI Jakarta province built 6 (six) RPTRA in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta with each RPTRA having different characteristics. RPTRA Mutiara Sumur Batu has the highest score of 1.66 and RPTRA Harapan Mulya, which is 1.62. The purpose of this research was to assess the suitability and characteristics of RPTRA in Kemayoran District. This research method used GAP analysis, observation, and questionnaire. The results of this research showed that the RPTRA in Kemayoran Subdistrict is still not optimal because only 2 RPTRA have good values, while the other (4 RPTRA) still have constraints in developing RPTRA as fulfilling children’s infrastructure.


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