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Cities 4 Children: 2021 in review

Global Alliance - Cities 4 Children 2021 in review Latest News

Launched at the World Urban Forum in 2020, the Global Alliance – Cities 4 Children was established to tackle the huge challenges and numerous issues faced by children living in urban areas, especially the most marginalized. The Alliance brings together a range of organisations from INGOs, UN agencies, private sector, academia, foundations and people’s movements Read more →

How air pollution affects children in cities

air pollution Pollution

Air pollution has devastating implications. It can increase the likelihood of childhood asthma, stunt lung growth, and can even lead to heart disease and increased rates of diabetes. For the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, they tend to be on the frontline of air pollution. This is partly due to the location of affordable housing Read more →

How tactical urbanism can transform the way children use the city

Child on bike in Brazil NACT GDCI Play

How tactical urbanism can transform the way children use the city Planned development takes time, and proposed changes may be sluggish to implement, often challenged by bureaucratic powers that deny cities the opportunity to ‘get things done’. Sometimes cities need an injection of tactical urbanism to transform urban use and improve the way of life Read more →

Child-safe homes: upgrading solutions that can save lives

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Poor-quality housing can be a matter of life and death, especially for children. Governments often focus on building new homes rather than improving the quality of existing ones. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders have highlighted the importance of doing so. Here, Olivia Nielsen explores the dangers of sub-standard homes for young children and Read more →