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Children, Cities and Climate: It’s time to listen to young people and cut carbon, clear the air and improve health

Author(s): Rob Hughes, James Milner, Rachel Juel, Sarah Sharpe, Roberto Picetti, Shunmay Yeung, Paul Wilkinson, Alan Dangour, Advisor: Martha Jennings

The Children, Cities and Climate preliminary report details key findings from an analysis of the child health co-benefits of radically cutting carbon emissions and air pollution in 16 global cities and a global survey of over 3,000 young people and parents from 59 cities, aiming to understand perspectives on their cities, urban air pollution, and ideas for how these can be improved.

The results showed that improving urban air quality through a radical transition to ‘net-zero’ would significantly improve child health and that young people living in cities around the world know this and want change.

The findings included in this report provide further evidence to support ambitious and urgent collective action to reduce reliance of fossil fuels in and around our cities, to improve children’s health and address the climate crisis.

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