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The Cities4Children blog is a knowledge sharing and networking platform that enables practitioners, government officials, researchers, young people and others to stay informed of emerging practices, successes and setbacks, tools, and innovations around cities and neighbourhoods that work for children and young people – particularly in the Global South. By contributing to our blog you can share your ideas, thoughts, and experiences with a large and influential global audience, strengthen your networks, get recognition for your work and contribute to our mission of creating child friendly cities. Send us your ideas in 300 words or less to info@cities4children.org. If your ideas are relevant to our mission, our team will reach out to you regarding the next steps. We do not accept sponsored posts or posts that are not relevant to our mission.

We prioritise articles that:

  • Share good practices and learning experiences
  • Have ideas for concrete solutions about how to make cities more child friendly, fit for children
  • Are from cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Why Contribute?

  • Build networks
  • Communicate with a wider audience
  • Share your work with others

Some examples of topics

Air Quality
Child participation in cities
Climate Solutions
Education and the journey to school

Mobility and Transport
Poverty reduction
Public space

Road Safety
Urban Governance
Urban Planning
Water and Sanitation



500 – 800 words

Direct and conversational, rather than formal and academic.

Content should be written for a global, non-technical audience.
We are very keen for content from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Explain major concepts and acronyms on first use (and avoid acronyms whenever possible).
Cite relevant evidence/references for all claims and conclusions.

Use photos, infographics, maps, charts, videos and other visual elements where possible. Please include sources for all visuals and ensure you have a permission to use them.

Plagiarism is not acceptable. Statistics, quotes or ideas that are not your own should always be sourced via a hyperlink.


We do not accept sponsored posts or posts that are not relevant to our mission.

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