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Urban Situation Analysis: Guide and Toolkit

Author(s): Justin Mortensen, David Sweeting, Manish Thakre, Manab Ray

Language:Β English

The 2015 Urban Program Learning Group meeting in Delhi, India, highlighted the need for an Urban Situation Analysis Guide to help development practitioners around the world navigate the urban context; a need that was reiterated by Save the Children country office staff during an urban mapping survey in 2016.

The resulting ready-to-use Urban Situation Analysis Guide has been designed to help Save the Children staff and their partners assess the urban realities and complexities that directly impact children and their communities.

This document is for development practitioners, assessment teams and researchers – across all organisations and agencies – who require a greater understanding of the socio-political urban context, how it shapes child rights, and how urban policies and governance impact those rights.

The Urban Situation Analysis Guide is supported by the Urban Situation Analysis Toolkit, which includes methods for collecting and analysing urban-specific data. Readers should read the Guide first, and refer to the Toolkit for support. Methods and tools included in the Toolkit can be adapted to unique geographical settings, and socio-political and cultural contexts in different cities, towns and other urban environments.


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