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iRAP Star Ratings of NACTO-GDCI’s Global Street Design Guide

Author(s): NACTO-GDCI, iRAP

The Global Street Design Guide, developed by NACTO’s Global Designing Cities Initiative and supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, marked a step toward changing the old road hierarchy, with designs that save lives, prioritize people and sustainable mobility, reflect diverse communities, and better serve everyone on the street. Released in 2016, this guide allows readers to review, choose, and adapt the tools and strategies that best apply to a particular context. This global blueprint for safer and higher-performing streets has been endorsed and applied by cities and organizations around the world to address the 1.35 million road crash deaths and up to 50 million injuries occurring annually. Since road safety is the primary lens of the Global Street Design Guide, iRAP’s Star Rating methodology offers a useful framework for validating the design strategies highlighted in the publication. The Star Ratings of the GSDG’s transformations provide decision-makers, engineers, and designers around the world with possible reconfigurations for a variety of street and intersection types, drawing from global case studies that have also been endorsed by iRAP’s proven methodologies. For those using the iRAP methodology, this effort can also offer ideas and potential strategies for achieving higher safety ratings while simultaneously supporting broader citywide goals. The GSDG transformations aim to create a 5-star environment for all road users while supporting mobility outcomes that can best provide for healthy, safe, sustainable, equitable, and liveable cities for both current and future generations.

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iRap star ratings of NACTO-GDCI's Global Street Design Guide