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Inclusive Cities for Children with Disabilities: A Focus on Slums and Informal Settlements

Author(s): Marcella Deluca and Anupama Nallari

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This brief provides an analysis of the quality of life of urban children with disabilities, with a particular focus on slums and informal settlements in rapidly urbanising low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It details the challenges and barriers affecting their health, education, safety and ability to live an independent life, which may be especially severe for children in slums and underserved settlements. The briefing outlines practical and actionable advice for practitioners and policymakers on ways to improve the lives of all urban children with disabilities. While many are not specific to the context of slums and informal settlements, they apply more broadly to making LMIC cities more inclusive of all children with disabilities.

The Research Series

The Research Series: Cities for Children and Youth is published by Global Alliance – Cities4Children. This series includes publications reflecting on a range of issues faced by urban children and youth and sheds light on promising initiatives and practices for sustained change. The series aims to inspire action, add to knowledge, improve programme/project design and advocate for children’s and young people’s rights in the urban agenda. It is aimed at practitioners, policymakers, government officials, researchers and advocates for better cities for children and youth. The research series includes publications such as evidence to action briefs, case studies, practical guides, and tools to inspire action.

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