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Get ready for data! A tool to guide data use to serve babies, toddlers and the people who care for them

Author(s): Open Data Institute

Language: English

Data is vital as cities investigate ways to measure progress and improve outcomes for babies, toddlers and the people who care for them. This tool is designed to help city leaders, officials and early child development practitioners to make practical decisions. The result of a collaboration between the Bernard van Leer Foundation and the Open Data Institute, it guides teams through the key considerations for planning a data-informed project or policy, including strategy, data collection and use, and ethics and engagement.

The tool consists of:

  • Single page matrix – to be completed by an individual;
  • A6 small cards – to distribute among a team for discussion;
  • A4 large cards – to print and use in workshops;
  • Google doc version – to complete online and collaborate with others;
  • Links to reports, articles and additional reading.


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