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Forgotten voices: The world of urban children in India

Author(s): Save the Children

Language: English

This report discusses how the major urban development schemes in India do not adequately take into account issues related to children’s health, education, growth, safety and participation. The rising urbanisation in India presents an opportunity to design child-friendly cities, those that have a system of local governance, are committed to fulfilling children’s rights, which includes giving children the opportunity to influence decisions, receive basic services, have a safe environment, and be treated as equal citizens.

The report highlights the following as key areas for necessary development and fulfilment of a child-friendly city:

  • Urban governance
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Water and sanitation
  • Education
  • Child protection
  • Urban resilience

For each of these areas, the report presents concrete and specific opportunities for intervention for policymakers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


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