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Building Better Cities with Young Children and Families: How to engage our youngest citizens and families in city building: a global scan of best practices

Author(s): 880 Cities, Bernard Van Leer Foundation & Urban95

Language: English

880 Cities set out to find out what cities around the world are doing when it comes to engaging young children and their families in city building. They conducted background research, place-based research, and interviews with over 20 researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and thought-leaders and uncovered stories and ideas from cities around the world that demonstrate creative and effective methods for engaging pregnant women, young children, and caregivers in diverse projects related to the built environment as well as for the delivery services.

With 21 case studies from 16 different countries, they were successful in identifying innovative and effective techniques for engaging this important demographic. The final report Building Better Cities with Young Children and Families is a starting point. We know that engagement of these group is crucial but it’s what cities do with the engagement that counts. In phase 2 of the project they take lessons learned and try to scale them up to address the needs and pressure that cities face today.

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