DIALOGUES 4 ACTION: Children, Cities and Climate

Dialogues 4 Action: Children, Cities and Climate

DIALOGUES 4 ACTION: Children, Cities and Climate

A child born today might live in a world four degrees warmer than the pre-industrial average. Children living in urban areas are already victims of severe air pollution, depleting water resources, unstable food chains and systems and other consequences of climate change. Urban poor families are struggling to cope with climate change induced impacts that add to the stresses that they already face; their socioeconomic conditions limit their ability to cope with, and adapt, to climatic changes.   

This webinar aims to raise more awareness on the many ways in which climate change and children intersect. We will also hear about inspiring examples of programs from Bangladesh and Kenya that have supported local urban communities, children, youth and their families to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change effects.  


20th April 2023 (Thursday), 11:00 AM CET


Elizabeth Wambui, Hope Raisers Initiative

Mamun Rashid, Badabon Sangho


Dr Robert Hughes,  Research Fellow at the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine


  • Understand the different ways in which climate change affects children, especially urban poor 
  • Different ways of supporting families towards building climate resilience 
  • Understand what has worked/learn from some positive initiatives 
  • Best ways to engage young people to be involved and care more about on-ground solutions towards mitigating the effects of climate change in their communities 

Who should attend?

  • Youth across the globe 
  • Organisations working in the domain of child welfare/development, climate change, environment, urban poor, and slum development 
  • Policy makers 
  • Development agencies
  • Anyone interested in climate change resilience  

Dialogues 4 Action Webinar Series

Dialogues 4 Action is a webinar series by Cities4Children that highlights promising initiatives and practical interventions for sustained change to make cities better for children and young people. We organise them to  to inspire action, add to knowledge and advocate for children’s and young people’s rights in the urban agenda. They are open-to-all.

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